Create Sections

Some courses benefit from additional sections to organize students/participants for a variety of reasons. Course Manager makes new section creation quick and easy by uploading a simple CSV file.

Tip: Authorized users can add sections on the fly when adding U-M or non-U-M users with this tool. See the help documentation for these features for more information.

Who Can Create Sections

Section creation activities in this tool are limited to administrator roles:

How to Create Sections

  1. Click the Create Sections button on the Canvas Course Manager landing page.
  2. Prepare and save a CSV file for upload (you can download an example file).
  3. When your file is saved, drag and drop the file, or click the link Browse Your Files.
  4. Your file will display on the screen. Verify the results and click Submit. Click Cancel to Abort.

Tip: Removing or editing sections must be done using the Canvas section editing tools.