Format Third-Party Gradebook

This feature converts CSV files from third-party tools that are not integrated with Canvas to a new format that can be used to import grades into the Canvas Gradebook. This tool can be used to trim the third-party data to selected course sections. To import the new CSV to the gradebook, see the Canvas gradebook import function.

Who Can Use Format Third-Party Gradebook

How to Use Format Third-Party Gradebook

  1. Click the Format Third‑Party Gradebook button on the Canvas Course Manager landing page.
  2. Select one or more sections that contain the students you want in the generated grade import CSV file.
  3. Download the example CSV file, if needed.
  4. Prepare and save your CSV file following the onscreen instructions for header and row content.
  5. Drag and drop, or click the link to upload your saved CSV file.
  6. The tool will create a grades CSV file that contains only the data for designated course sections and download it back to your computer.
  7. Review the generated file and import the grades into your Canvas gradebook..